CHANGE19 on vuoden kovin muutostapahtuma

Tulevaa vuotta ja koko seuraavaa vuosikymmentä leimaa jatkuva muutos. CCEA järjestää 21. maaliskuuta vuoden kovimman muutostapahtuman, jossa pureudutaan muutoksen ja sen johtamisen ytimeen. CHANGE19 on tarkoitettu muutoshankkeita johtaville sekä kaikille muutosten parissa työskenteleville. Tapahtuma tarjoaa uusia ajatuksia ja työkaluja, jotka auttavat menestymään jatkuvan muutoksen aikakaudella. Pääpuhujana on OP Ryhmän pääjohtaja Timo Ritakallio.

Tapahtumapaikkana toimii Pasilan Vanhat Veturitallit Helsingissä. Puheenvuorot ovat ohjelmassa iltapäivällä klo 15–18, sen jälkeen on cocktailien ja live-musiikin vuoro.

Lue lisää puhujista ja muista esiintyjistä:

Timo Ritakallio, President and Group Executive Chair, OP Financial Group
Leading in the era of constant renewal & change
Timo Ritakallio is by no doubt one of the most influential change leaders in Finland. For the past two decades, Timo has held key positions in Finnish financial companies at the forefront of the industry transformation. Currently he’s leading OP Financial Group in the middle of a major transformation to renew both the organization and its practices, aiming to increase the agility and productivity of operations, as well as to improve customer experience through a better employee experience.

Christian Guttmann, VP, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, Tieto Corporation

Artificial intelligence & machine learning will shape the future of work: how and when?
Dr. Christian Guttmann is a professor (adj. assoc.) and entrepreneur with a background in world-leading scientific institutes, startups and corporations. At Tieto, he seizes opportunities in the cross-section of advanced science and industry, with focus on AI, machine learning, computer science and big data – all of which are expected to considerably shape the way we work in the future.

Ria Parppei, Volition Booster and Executive Coach

Forget about motivation, focus on volition
Ria Parppei has spent the past 15 years studying volition, and the past ten years consulting on how to ensure execution capability in organizations. She is the author of ”Tee, Toimi, Saa aikaan” (2018), which challenges our traditional way of thinking about motivation. With thought-provoking content and immediately actionable tools, she has become a recognized expert in developing organizations’ execution processes.

Auli Packalén, Principal Consultant, CCEA

Is your organization capable enough to excel in the era of change?
Auli Packalén is a seasoned expert in implementing change and developing change capabilities in a vast array of global companies. She is thrilled about the competencies, systems, and structures that make it possible for businesses to carry through changes successfully, time after time. Auli believes that the most competitive companies are the ones with people who have the capability to implement changes repeatedly.

Pep Rosenfeld from Boom Chicago Theatre

Comedy performance about the pitfalls of change
As Director of Creative Content at Boom Chicago, Pep Rosenfeld does it all: high level event host & facilitator, writer, stand-up comedian, public speaker, coach, and developer of innovative corporate programs. Pep has been nominated for an Emmy for his writing on America’s long-running television show, Saturday Night Live. Boom Chicago is Europe’s leading theater group for creating customized, interactive comedy shows.

The moderator of the CHANGE19 event will be André Noël Chaker, a highly appreciated business and social thinker. He is a charismatic moderator and speaker who uniquely mixes mind-stimulating substance with heart-endearing entertainment. No wonder he is Moderator of the year 2015.



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