Secret to successful change is

Change leadership, change management or change roll-out?

Forget about the conceptual jargon and put people in the centre.

CCEA is an expert in people-driven change. We have an exceptional ability to get people to work and think in a new way. Our services include change execution, change portfolio leadership, change capability development and change measurement. With our perception measurement tool Celkee Insight, you can monitor the change progress in real time.

CCEA Oy is a part of Gofore Plc, the digital transformation company.


Change capability

We offer learning paths that make a difference for developing the change capability of change makers, senior leaders and team leaders as well as a portfolio of practical tools refined in hundreds of change projects.

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We have specialized in change execution for more than 10 years. Above all, change execution is about taking practical actions to root a permanent change within an organization. One person at a time, if needed.

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Change portfolio

We prevent an overload of changes and ensure sufficient resourcing. We coordinate, optimize and prioritize the portfolio of simultaneous ongoing change projects to reach business goals.

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We measure how people perceive the change, how people change their behaviour and how the aimed benefits and targets are met. Our unique perception measurement tool is based on behavioural science research.

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Develop your change capability

Organisation-specific learning paths

We offer organisation-specific learning paths for management, change makers and team leaders. Paths or the modules of a path can be included in the company’s competence development offering, ongoing change initiatives or existing training programs.

Learning paths for leadership teams

CCEA <3 Gofore

CCEA Oy is part of Gofore, the digital transformation company. The people-driven execution of change combined with technology know-how will make Gofore and CCEA a leading digital transformation consultancy in Finland – we can serve the customers more comprehensively: even in digitalization, it’s all about people in the centre of the change.

Develop your change capability – order handbooks!

Handbook for change management

Order the Leading in Change handbook, which is based on our practical experience from hundreds of change programs, and discussions with clients and change leaders in various countries and industries. The handbook is free of charge.

How to succeed in an agile change?

This ‘How to succeed in an agile change’ handbook is based on the experience of CCEA and it’s made for agile change makers. The handbook is free of charge. From this handbook you can find the seven principles for succeeding in an agile change and how to implement an agile change with these principles in mind.


We have over 50 change implementation experts, people who understand business needs and are adept in the practicalities of implementing change. Our fast pace of growth means that we are always looking for new people who are achievers, persistent, empathetic, socially competent, inspiring and straightforward. And who are all-around good people.


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