Auli Packalén: How are your muscles doing?

I know that many aren’t too happy about the early winter that we’ve experienced this year in Southern Finland. But I am. I could spend all my spare time in the cross-country skiing tracks.

I could enjoy the snowy kilometers even more, if I had spent a little bit more (or even some) time at gym or roller skiing during the summer and fall… My skiing muscles and the techniques have weakened so much since the end of March when I ended the previous skiing season.

In the majority of organizations, people share the same feeling when a big transformation effort hits them. Where is the energy – what has happened to our change muscles?

Yes, change muscles really exist. If you have heard talking about resilience, you for sure recognize the resilience characteristics positive, focused, flexible, organized and proactive. The characteristics are often described as change muscles that can be developed and strengthened through regular practice. The exercise pays off in the changes of life and work: it will be easier to adapt the changes and go through them. Just try one of these:

  • Recognize how you react to minor everyday changes.
  • Work hard to find a positive angle in every new situation.
  • Take a helicopter ride and look at the change from a new perspective.
  • Get deliberately exposed to something new every now and then.

I let my skiing muscles weaken during the summer season. However, the organizations can’t afford let their people’s change muscles weaken as changes are not seasonal sports. Changes are here to stay.