CCEA will turn 10 in the end of this year, and we’ll start year 2018 with the most insightful change event of the year. The CCEA 10 event on 18 January, 2018 consists of seminar, cocktails and party.


Top-notch speakers in the afternoon

Kaisa Hietala, EVP, Renewable Products, Neste
The renewable change journey: growing multi-billion business from a corporate start-up

Antti Koskelin, SVP and CIO, KONE
Get a grip on digital transformation and what it requires from global companies

Jason Little, Lean change management guru & Agile coach
Lean change management: how to implement successful change in today’s world?

The moderator of the event will be the charismatic and entertaining thinker and speaker André Noël Chaker. Together the speakers will offer a versatile view on the changing business environment as well as on what will differentiate the most successful companies of the future. Read more about the speakers in the end of this news article.


Evening continues with cocktails and party

The event starts with the seminar at 3:00 pm and continues with cocktails at 6:00 pm. During the cocktails the musician Ida Elina will be performing. At 8:00 pm it will be time to get the party started with Sense, our house band.

The venue of the CCEA 10 event will be Pasila’s Old Roundhouse in Helsinki.

“During the 1st CCEA decade, we have implemented numerous changes and met hundreds of people, who have all contributed to what we have become. I truly hope that as many of them as possible will be able to attend the event and celebrate with us. I also welcome anyone who aims to have an understanding on how to carry out changes successfully,” says Reetta Rajala, the CEO and founder of CCEA.

If you have signed up for the event earlier but you will have to cancel your participation, please send an e-mail to events@ccea.com.

Learn more about the speakers:

Kaisa Hietala
The journey of Kaisa Hietala and the Neste Renewable Products is somewhat unique in Finnish business. She has played a central part in developing Neste Renewable Products from an internal start-up into a multi-billion business and a major part of today’s Neste. Her team has experienced many challenges when driving change in an established industry and starting to develop real presence in renewable fuels. These experiences have contributed to making Kaisa one of the most influential change leaders in Finland.


Antti Koskelin
As a Chief Information Officer at KONE, Antti Koskelin is in the core of digitalizing business. With an impressive career in information technology and digitalization, Antti is a strategic leader who strongly emphasizes people engagement in all change initiatives. He believes that eventually it is people that make the digital strategy succeed or fail. Antti was selected as CIO of the year in 2011, and he is also the latest reinforcement to CCEA’s Board of Directors.


Jason Little
Jason Little is a Canadian Agile Coach, international speaker and the writer of Lean Change Management, a book about how to apply Agile, Lean and Lean Startup practices to organizational change. Jason is passionate about the people side of change, with a purpose of bringing meaningful change into organizations that will improve the lives of people. In his opinion, linear and step-by-step models are no longer suitable for enabling and facilitating change in today’s world.


André Noël Chaker
The moderator of the CCEA 10 Seminar will be André Noël Chaker, French Canadian lawyer who has lived in Finland over 20 years. During these years, he has grown into a highly appreciated business and social thinker. He is a charismatic moderator and speaker because he uniquely mixes mind-stimulating substance with heart-endearing entertainment. No wonder he is Moderator of the Year 2015 Winner.