Decade in change

CCEA turns 10 years today and is an extremely tough team of change implementation professionals, says the founder and CEO of CCEA, Reetta Rajala.

Much has happened during the ten years, and according to Reetta, every customer, change and new CCEA employee has been involved in shaping CCEA to be the company it is today. One thing has not changed, though:

“During the ten years, there has been hundreds of implemented changes. Our motto has been that we celebrate also our 10th year with the hands-on approach – Up to our elbows in implementing our customers’ important changes”, Reetta says and adds: “CEO included.”

Over 30 top-notch change experts

During the recent years, CCEA has grown fast and the number of change experts is currently over 30 people. And the growth continues.

“Our competitive advantage is our extremely professional team. During our journey, we have learned to recruit the right kind of professionals. They are people who understand the business dynamics, even the tiniest nuances of change effectivity, and are also good with people. This kind of people you do not meet all the time”, Reetta says.

Both strong change capability and experience are really required as the rate companies implement changes has increased. Moreover, changes have become more complex and they are heavily interconnected to other changes. This is true especially for large, global companies, which are CCEA’s largest customer group and whose management ever more often understands that change implementation requires special capability. Investment in a change expert ensures that the benefits a project aims at bringing will materialize.

“Without CCEA, our change would not have been implemented”

In addition to the hands-on attitude, there are a couple of other things that have not changed in CCEA during the years:

“I know it is a cliché, but it is also very true. It is always great to get feedback from our customers: that the customer is satisfied, feels that we have brought them value, and says that without CCEA their change would not have been implemented.”

How about the third thing that does not change, what is that?

“We always find good reasons to raise a toast and celebrate both big and small achievements. Now at our 10th anniversary there is an especially good reason for that.”

CCEA will celebrate its 10-year journey on 18 January 2018, when the CCEA 10 event will be held. The event consists of the most insightful change seminar of 2018 and an after-party. Read more >>