Change Network Finland brings change professionals together

Together with some of the largest companies in Finland, CCEA has founded a new community of change professionals, Change Network Finland. The purpose of this community is to take the discussion about leading change to the next level and bring change professionals together.

The network activities are developed and steered by the core team of about 10 members. They hold change leadership positions in large companies in industrial, service and technology sectors. CCEA has the network facilitator role.

“In discussions with our customers and partners we have noticed that there is a real need to discuss and share experiences on change management issues. Change leaders and other change professionals are often scattered all over the organization, and not any suitable community has existed for them,” says Reetta Rajala, the founder and CEO of CCEA and a member of Change Network Finland’s core team.

“In CCEA, our mission is to help Finnish companies to implement change more effectively. That’s why the idea of founding such a network came naturally to us. Right from the start, a number of top change professionals joined us,” Reetta continues.

Change Network Finland group in LinkedIn is the discussion platform and home base for the community. We welcome you to join the group and discuss change, both in Finnish and English. In the future, our intention is to expand the activities and organize meetings and events for change professionals.

Join Change Network Finland group now in LinkedIn!