100% of our customers would recommend us

Thank you, our customers! Each and everyone of you, who have been interviewed as part of our customer satisfaction process, would recommend us to the projects of similar nature. It’s going to be hard to make it any better, but we promise to strive for achieving this amazing 100 recommendation percentage also in 2018.

Our customer satisfaction continued to be at a very good level. In 2017 our customers rated our service on average at a level of 4.5 on a scale from 1 to 5. Last year we scored the same.

There are certain comments that our customers kept on repeating in their feedback: structured way of running the change project, professionalism, good performance in pressure, flexibility, nice people and real value for money.

In addition, the great team spirit is reflected to the service:

“Co-operation has been nice and easy. That’s why I’ve enjoyed working with you. You quickly create good spirit and an active team”, one of our customers said.