Outi Torniainen will start as CCEA’s chairman of the board

Outi TorniainenOuti Torniainen will start as CCEA’s new chairman of the board on March 20, 2018, as Mikko Rysä steps down from his role as chairman. Outi has been on the board since 2011 and is currently Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Etteplan Oyj.

“I am very pleased that Outi will take the lead position in our board. Besides knowing CCEA well, she will continue to bring a management committee’s perspective on changes into the board, in addition to her strong communication and marketing expertise”, says Reetta Rajala, CEO and founder of CCEA.

“I thank CCEA for trust and confidence and am humble and excited to take the new role. As the new chair, I think it is important that CCEA’s strategy continues to be expansive and that CCEA also continues to look for new opportunities to develop its business and services. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that the strategy supports these objectives”, Outi Torniainen summarizes her thoughts at the turnover of the chairmanship.

Mikko Rysä chaired CCEA’s board since 2010. He has decades-long experience in managing large international companies and leading changes in those environments.

“We have been extremely lucky to have a business leader and a board professional such as Mikko as our chairman. His impact on CCEA’s success has been tremendous – he has challenged both CCEA’s board and operational management continuously to better results and to focus its strategy to support change management”, Reetta Rajala says as she thanks Mikko for his contribution.

“CCEA’s evolution path has been successful, interesting, and inspiring. The company has built up a good governance structure, and its key strategic decisions have been successful. In addition, one of the key success factors has been the capable and highly motivated personnel. It has been a pleasure to be involved in supporting this evolution. CCEA is now approaching its teenage years and new challenges, growth pains, and exciting opportunities. Now it is a good time to hand off the baton to the next runner and wish Outi the best of success as the new chair”, Mikko Rysä summarizes his long chairmanship.
CCEA would like to thank Mikko for his long and outstanding contribution in the board and wish Outi continued success in her new role!

More information: Reetta Rajala, tel. 040 779 8313