CCEA to start thesis collaboration: How to define organizational change capability?

How to define organizational change capability? What is the influence of middle managers on it? CCEA is seeking answers to these core questions together with Mercedes Fernandez, a student in the Master’s Program in Management and International Business at Aalto University.

Mercedes started her master’s thesis “Middle managers as change agents and their influence on organizational change capabilities” in February. The results are expected to be achieved in early autumn 2018.

CCEA provides special support and guidance for one master’s thesis per year. The possibility for thesis collaboration is open to all university students with a specific interest in change management and business.

“This year we received various intriguing thesis proposals. Mercedes’ topic touches the complex and often windy place of middle managers as change agents and helps us to understand the umbrella concept of organizational change capability in practice,” explains CCEA’s contact person for student collaboration Pipsa Purhonen.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with CCEA during my master’s thesis and learn from experts in change management. At the moment, I am searching for interviewees to initiate the data collection phase of my research. I am looking forward to starting my interviews and discover which are the concrete capabilities that allow middle managers to foster organizational change,” Mercedes says.

In addition to thesis collaboration, CCEA supports smaller student projects and provides guest lectures and company excursions for university students in business, management and communication studies.

More information: Pipsa Purhonen