What is behind the winning change motto?

In connection with the Nordic Business Forum, CCEA organized a change motto contest. We received more than 100 responses, out of which the CCEA people voted the winner – the proposal by Miikka Kareinen.

Miikka is a student in the Aalto University School of Business and plays floorball at the Finnish national level. The winning motto “Smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” is something Miikka learned from a current team mate.

“Team sports is all about working as a group. It contains a lot of elements I can take use of in my leadership studies, and vice versa”, says Miikka.

Smooth sea never made a skilled sailor is originally a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt. According to Miikka, the motto describes a growth mindset – the fact that you only learn through practice and experience.

“The changes we help our customers implement are very rarely easy or predictable. To become skilled and experienced in implementing change and developing change management requires experience from various changes and learning from tough spots. A friend of mine once said that it took a challenging voyage to turn a coast paddler into a sea kayaker. The same really goes with leading change”, says Auli Packalén, Chief Marketing Officer at CCEA.

Miikka’s prize is a free ticket to the CHANGE19 event, which will be organized next spring.