CCEA challenges companies to responsibility – actions, above all

From the very beginning of its existence, CCEA has been a responsible company: it has concretely acted for a better society and healthy environment. Reetta Rajala, CEO of CCEA, throws the challenge to all companies to match their deeds to their words: “I challenge every single company having responsibility on the agenda, to concrete actions, in one form or the other.”

“Most recently, CCEA decided to support two young persons with low income background in their upper secondary school studies. We will give them everything that the studies require, from books to computer. Without this support for school spending, it may not have been possible for them to get the education”, Reetta explains.

“CCEA is a company of about 40 people, and we want to show an example to others that small deeds can have good and meaningful results in the individual people’s lives.”

Responsibility for the environment affects CCEA’ s activities when developing office practices and, for example, considering the greetings for the holiday season.

As CCEA’s customers and partners know, the company has been figuratively throwing Christmas presents into the Baltic Sea each year. Furthermore, as CCEA’s turnover grows, they have increased support to the Baltic Sea rescue work accordingly.

In addition to the outward-looking operations, CCEA’ s internal activity is self-evidently responsible, says Mira Dahlman, COO of CCEA, “For example, transparency, equal treatment and employee wellbeing are important because our business culture is based on teamwork, and therefore we are constantly building and developing our work together. According to our personnel survey, we have succeeded very well in this.”