Eight new change experts joined CCEA in 2018

CCEA grew steadily in 2018, and so did the number of CCEA’s top experts, “lonttis” as we more informally say. Currently, CCEA employs 36 change implementation professionals, eight of who joined during last year.

In January, we welcomed two consultants, Jasmin Honkanen and Mari Jääskeläinen, and senior consultant Mika Paalanne. In the spring, consultant Ella Korhonen and principal consultant Johanna Wäänänen joined our pack of lonttis, followed in the fall by consultants Petra Paajanen and Tiina Karsikas and senior consultant Anu Järvelä.

As the number of our customers and scope of our projects increased, we needed more principal consultants. Senior consultant Juha Lindfors, who started one year ago in CCEA, was appointed as principal consultant in December.

“It has been great to follow the growth of other lonttis as well”, says Mira Dahlman, the COO of CCEA.
During past year, our coordinator Arja Turunen was appointed as administration manager, assistant Satu Kangas as coordinator, and consultants Katri Ranta and Johanna Tynkkynen as senior consultants.

“We are extremely lucky to keep finding skilled and experienced lonttis. Our lontticulture is highly valued, we nurture and develop it constantly”, Mira continues.

In 2018, regular people satisfaction survey was launched in CCEA. The results have been extremely good, and they are followed up with a monthly pulse survey. Selected areas measured in the survey are also being developed, using the active participation and skills of our own people.

We also launched a development time for lonttis: all are entitled to a portion of their working time for either personal or CCEA development activity.

Mira is delighted: “The results have been amazing when lonttis have decided themselves how they use this time.”