Can do attitude keeps our customers satisfied year after year

At the end of each project or each year, we inquire how our customers feel about CCEA’s service. Regardless of the year, customer or service, the same things emerge: right attitude in place, things get done and seamless co-operation.

“This kind of feedback is extremely pleasant for us, since we regard ourselves as concrete consultants. Changes can’t take place without taking action. We help ensure that our customers’ people are able to get things done, in order for the desirable changes to take place in everyday life and to make benefits visible as soon as possible”, says Auli Packalén, CCEA’s Principal Consultant and Chief Marketing Officer.

In 2018, CCEA’s services were again rated very good on an average of 4,4 on a scale from 1-5. In addition, 94 percent of our customers would recommend us and not a single customer said they would not recommend CCEA.

“We are rather strict with our customer satisfaction interviews, since our customers are required to give their ratings as whole numbers. Several customers contemplate between a four and a five and based on these conversations we always receive some concrete ideas on how to improve our services. We appreciate the time our customers invest in these conversations and help us improve”, Auli continues.

We have been especially happy with the following feedback that highlights our overall service mindset:

“What was especially good was the ability to adopt to changing situations and to adjust the approach accordingly. CCEA team has worked together seamlessly – your people really complement each other,” one of our customers quoted.