Highlights and presentation materials from the CHANGE19 event

CHANGE19 event – the top change event in Finland in 2019 – gathered excellent feedback from the 200 guests.

“What a great event! Lots of food for thought and the top speakers of their expertise area on stage. Thank you!”, said one of the guests.

We have gathered here some of the key takeaways as well as the presentation materials.

Timo Ritakallio, President and Group Executive Chair at OP Financial Group gave a key note presentation on leading in an era of constant change and renewal. OP is operating in an environment in which new players are challenging traditional banks and insurance companies. To succeed in a fast changing and agile environment, a leader must show direction, concretise how tasks link to the vision and big picture, create an environment of trust and encourage learning. Link to Timo’s presentation >>

“The three most important things in leading change are communication, communication and communication.”
– Timo Ritakallio

Auli Packalén, CCEA’s Principal Consultant and Chief Marketing Officer talked about the importance of the balance between load and capacity, as well as the key competencies of people when change is continuous. Link to Auli’s presentation >>. Have a look also at Auli’s blog post on her topic.

“To ensure people’s bandwidth for change and renewal, you need to pay attention to the balance between load and capacity.”
– Auli Packalén

Ria Parppei, Executive Consultant talked about volition – ensuring that things get done. She explained that motivation is not enough as there are e.g. ad hoc things, interruptions, new interesting ideas and rush that can prevent us from getting things done. Therefore, we need to pay attention to volition, i.e. ensuring efficient execution. Ria explained that volition requires drive and focus. Link to Ria’s presentation >>.

“Drive and focus are the things that ensure things get done and goals are achieved.”
– Ria Parppei

Christian Guttmann, VP, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at Tieto Corporation gave a presentation on how artificial intelligence is changing today’s workplace and how the changes will happen faster than people have expected. Link to Christian’s presentation >>

“Like for any change, trust is the key in adopting AI.”
– Christian Guttmann

In between the speeches, Pep Rosenfeld from Boom Chicago theatre did an energetic comedy performance about the pitfalls of change.

The moderator of the event was the charismatic and entertaining thinker and speaker André Noël Chaker who did an excellent job of running the show and keeping the audience engaged. After the inspiring speeches, there was a cocktail party with an opportunity for networking with others involved in driving change in an era where more and more changes take place faster and faster.

CHANGE19 hosted by CCEA, took place on the 21st of March 2019 in Pasila’s Old Roundhouse, Helsinki. The event was a huge success with more than 200 change leaders and change drivers attending.