CCEA survey: The number of simultaneous changes is increasing

During February-March, CCEA conducted a survey to find out the average number of changes affecting sales personnel in Finnish companies during 2019. As change portfolios differ between companies and stakeholder groups, sales personnel were chosen as the focus group – it is a group that all companies have. We asked the respondents to consider all the changes that require sales people to learn new skills, take on a new role, new tasks, new ways of working, or change thinking patterns, routines or practices.

According to our survey, the average number of changes affecting sales personnel is 12.

We got responses from companies of all sizes, from small to large. In these companies, there are on average 12 changes affecting sales personnel this year.

What’s more, there seems to be a strong correlation between the company size and the number of changes. Bigger companies have more changes than small and mid-sized companies. Based on the responses, there are on average 15.4 changes affecting sales personnel in companies employing more than 10,000 people.

Finally, we asked how the number of changes has been developing over the past two years. Almost every respondent, regardless of the company size, replied that the number of changes has increased.

Companies must simultaneously ensure that current objectives are met as well as renew themselves to ensure future competitiveness.

The survey results match our impression we have got working in our customers’ change projects. We have stepped to the era of continuous change and the importance of change portfolio leadership is increasing. On the other hand, it is important to ensure that current objectives are met, while setting aside enough time for change and renewal to ensure that objectives for the coming years are possible.

This requires balance between people’s current daily work and expectations and tasks of the required changes: changes must be prioritized and carefully scheduled based on continuous analysis of change impact and the big picture.