Meyer Turku increased the company’s change capability with new tools and coaching

Meyer Turku, one of the leading European shipbuilding companies, was implementing a new ERP system to optimize their performance. The deployment and training of the new system was done by a network of key users. In this challenging project it was essential that the key users had sufficient knowledge, support and tools for change execution and end-user trainings.

CCEA planned a comprehensive learning path for Meyer’s key user network, which included a combination of theory, experience, practice and exercises. CCEA consultants facilitated a series of change capability workshops.

“This change was complex and demanding for our employees. Key users needed support in getting into the role of a coach because their responsibility was to support the whole organization in the change. CCEA provided excellent service. They were professional and flexible. As an agile partner CCEA was also able to adjust the plan and provide the service when we needed it”, thanks Training Manager Sara Huldén.

“The most competitive companies today are the ones with people who are capable to implement changes repeatedly. Based on our experience companies do not achieve permanent change by executing one-time and one-way trainings. We wanted to engage the key users from early on and give them possibilities to practice in real life and reflect the challenging situations”, says Auli Packalén, CCEA Principal Consultant.

The service met the client’s needs and increased Meyer’s change capability. After the workshops the key users had a more positive approach to the change and concrete tools to drive the change forward.

“We all encounter changes all the time: In our personal life as well as in work life. We need to be able to execute and adapt to these faster and faster. This requires a new skill set and tools that people can use in their everyday work. That is why I recommend change capability development for everyone”, Sara Huldén says.

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