CCEA renews its Leadership Team

During the last years CCEA has grown a lot. In a little more than 10 years we have developed the company from a start-up to Finland’s leading change implementation consultancy. The core of the Leadership Team has stayed the same almost 10 years and now it is time for a renewal. Principal consultants Johanna Wäänänen and Juha Lindfors have started as new members in CCEA’s Leadership Team.

As CCEA is growing, we have identified the need to renew the leadership team responsibilities and focus more on CCEA’s operating models, customer experience leadership and technologies. Now these sectors get an owner in the Leadership Team. Additionally, we ensure sufficient support in financial leadership for the CEO. The renewed Leadership Team started their work in the beginning of October.

Even larger focus on customer experience

Johanna Wäänänen started as a Leadership Team member with focus on customer experience. She is responsible of CCEA’s customer satisfaction, processes, roles and tools in client work, among others.

Our clients have always been very satisfied with the service their receive from us. Our people are in the essence of our service quality. As CCEA is growing, it is now my responsibility to ensure that our service quality stays excellent and our experts have all the needed support and tools to produce the services. I am proud to join the Leadership Team and strive towards our objectives according to CCEA’s values, together with this amazing team”, says Johanna.

Financial leadership and technologies prepare us for the future

Juha Lindfors has been appointed to the Leadership Team with the responsibility of finance and technologies. The central role of financial leadership in driving the company’s operations is highlighted during CCEA’s growth and internationalization. The role of technologies in all operations becomes stronger and the aim is to digitalize both CCEA’s own operations and our service portfolio.

“During the year’s CCEA’s Leadership Team has become a tightly knit group with high respect and trust in one another. It is a joy to get to join this team and go forward together learning new all the time. My goal is to develop financial management and reporting so that we can predict the future and develop even better services for our customers. Tools will be developed also to answer best to the needs of our lontti’s, so that they can focus on the most important, serving our customers”, Juha says.

“Time for the Sweden expansion”

Reetta Rajala continues as CCEA’s Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for sales. Vice CEO Mira Dahlman is still in charge for people and culture, and Auli Packalén leads CCEA’s brand and service offering and its development.

“The current Leadership Team has an amazing experience of leading CCEA. CCEA couldn’t have succeeded without Auli and Mira’s superb energy and strong vision. We have succeeded in hiring lots of new great talents, and now it’s the perfect time to raise two of them to the Leadership Team. Juha and Johanna bring lots of new ideas, new experience and skills to our Leadership Team”, says Reetta Rajala.

“Johanna raises even further the Leadership Team’s capabilities in diving deep into customers’ challenges and finding solutions to them. Juha’s analytical skills and vision and skills in the field of technology are crucial for CCEA’s future plans and market expectations. The new Leadership Team roles free my time to focus more on CCEA’s expansion in Sweden as well as leading sales”, Reetta adds.

In picture: Reetta Rajala, Juha Lindfors and Johanna Wäänänen (top row), Mira Dahlman and Auli Packalén (bottom row).