CCEA opens a project office in Singapore

CCEA continues to spread outside the Finnish borders – next step is opening a project office in Singapore. CCEA’s long-time customer is running a major global change project, and APAC area change is supported from Singapore. The project required change management skills and additional forces for six months, and instead of a local service provider, customer ended up asking for help from CCEA.

”Our plan is to support this change program at a practical level, which means we will provide our typical hands on knowledge also for this project. We cristallize the purpose of change, identify stakeholders, implement change communication, and strive to support the systematization especially in APAC area”, says Johanna Wäänänen, Chief of Customer Experience.

The project office will be opened in co-working spaces offered by Innovation House Finland. Innovation House helps Finnish startups to do business in Asia by providing office spaces and support for sales and marketing.

Rita Mallius, one of CCEA’s experienced change professionals and consultants, leaves for Singapore. Rita’s know-how, experience with this customer and her motivation to grab the opportunity strengthened CCEA’s decision to respond to customer’s request.

”CCEA going international is just great. First our strong activities in the Swedish market and now, this awesome opportunity in the APAC area are great examples of our next steps. I look forward to being able to provide truly hands-on support also in this project. I will be very close to the daily work of those who are impacted by the changes, which helps me observe, understand, and support them through their change journey more easily. And of course, personally for me getting a chance to live and work on the sunnier side of the world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that one just cannot miss!” says Rita.

“We are proud and happy to support our customer in the new area and grateful for the trust in us and our expertise,” sums Johanna.