CHANGE20 on 4 November – with Annica Bresky as key note speaker

Here it is: CHANGE20. The most insightful change event of the year 2020 will take place on the 4th of November 2020. The event was postponed from March 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic. We are thrilled about the speakers of the event. The key note speaker of the event is Annica Bresky, the new President and CEO of Stora Enso. She will share her experience in leading major transformations, and open up the Stora Enso journey to a renewable materials growth company.

The other speakers will open up, what is essential in leading and driving continuous change: Distributed culture and leadership will be the topic of Wärtsilä’s Digital Transformation Director Domenico Dargenio, and Leadership Anthropologist Andreas Forsberg will talk about emotional space in change. Our CEO Reetta Rajala will open up the successful transformation through people-driven change.

The rest of the program will be introduced as the event is approaching, so stay tuned.

CHANGE20 is for everyone in a role of a change leader or change maker.

Our top-notch speakers will be on stage in the afternoon at 15.00–18.10. After that is a time for cocktails.

Learn more about the speakers:

Annica Bresky, President and CEO, Stora Enso
Stora Enso’s transformation into a renewable materials growth company
Annica has recently been appointed as President and CEO of Stora Enso. She has extensive experience of forest industry, a proven track record of driving growth and operational excellence and a strong focus on customers and innovations. She will talk about the changing market landscape and transition towards a bioeconomy, key building blocks in the transformation strategy as well as leading the journey and pushing transformation further.

Domenico Dargenio, Digital Transformation Director, Wärtsilä & Senior Advisor, Aalto University Executive Education
Multicolour is the new Black – a paradigm shift in culture and leadership
While shaping Wärtsilä’s digital transformation journey, Domenico’s thinking on culture and leadership has evolved with the exploration of a more customized and distributed approach to these topics.
Domenico has a multifaceted experience from various fields of the business including site work, project and supply chain management, strategy and operational excellence. His passion lies in creating and driving human centric transformations to help people and businesses stay relevant in today’s VUCA world.

Andreas Forsberg, Leadership Anthropologist, Leading High Performance
Talking about the impact the emotional space plays in change
Andreas is a leadership anthropologist, an observer, and a behavioral analyst, helping leadership teams understand how their behaviour impacts the engagement of people around them – either increasing or decreasing the likelihood of high performance. His passion and pursuit of creating an engaging and inspiring working environment where teams and individuals thrive, has taken him around the world. He has worked with leaders from many different nationalities, with different cultural backgrounds representing all functional roles within a truly global company. This has given him a richer perspective on how to lead change and high performance.

Reetta Rajala

Reetta Rajala, CEO and Founder, CCEA Oy
Successful transformation through people-driven change
Reetta is the founder and CEO of CCEA and passionate about leading and implementing change. She believes the capability to lead changes being the key to stay alive in today’s business. Reetta has long experience in international business and in supporting changes and transformations. She has seen great variety of different kinds of changes from mergers to operating models and from outsourcing cases to culture changes. Her key learning for success is to limit the amount of simultaneous changes and accepting to give enough time and put enough effort to change.

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