Many new change professionals joined the CCEA crew in 2019

CCEA continues to grow. The growth is seen in the format of new customers and projects, but also in the growing amount of new change experts, or “lonttis”, as we more informally say. Now CCEA employs 42 professionals, of which ten started last year.

In the spring, we welcomed senior consultant Petri Vuorinen and consultant Pauliina Piri. Our massive recruitment campaign in early summer sparked an enormous number of applications, of which we chose several new experts for the projects that started after the holiday season. First started senior consultants Saana Ström and Minna Kivimäki. Later in the fall Minna’s career path progressed from senior to principal consultant. In addition, we hired consultant Xiang Ye and assistant Sini Multanen. Sini’s main task is to support the whole lontti family and guarantee a comfortable working environment for everyone. Towards the end of the year, project coordinator Marco Hardén and consultant Heikki Lehtola joined the crew.

During the fall we also signed agreement with Dana Vainikka and Tiina Joronen, who are part of CCEA’s partner network.

As CCEA is growing, we also identified the need to renew responsibilities of our leadership team. Customer experience as well as finance and technology became new areas, of which Johanna Wäänänen and Juha Lindfors are responsible for.

CCEA also provides an encouraging development path as project responsibilities and skills increase. In the beginning of 2020 Johanna Haapamäki, Sanna Lehto and Rita Mallius were appointed as senior consultans.

“We work hard to find experienced change experts to join the lontti family. Our working culture starts from doing things with a big heart and putting people at the center of everything we do. Lonttis also recommend CCEA as a great workplace within their own networks, and we have a reward for all tips that lead to a recruitment in place,” tells Mira Dahlman, who is in charge of people and culture at CCEA.

Last year, we started to measure employee satisfaction, which has continued with monthly pulse surveys. In addition, we will continue to develop our working culture, for example through the concretization of our values and the development of service leadership.

“How we treat our customers and each other in our daily work reflect our values. Values become meaningful when they are realized in everyday life and in decision-making. At CCEA, this means humanity, working together and taking care of our customers and each other. We also constantly try to find ways to be an even better workplace in the future and to support lonttis succeed in customer work over and over again,” Mira says.

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