Minka Keinänen: CCEA’s culture is based on the sense of community

CCEA has been growing fast and the amount of lonttis (you can read here what a lontti is) has almost doubled during the past two years. New people do not only bring new skills, but also new qualities to the house, thus certain procedures have had to be changed to better fit a bigger group of people. Despite the growth, we have wanted to preserve the best parts of our community. Having lonttis in the center of everything we do has been a vital part of our culture from the very beginning.

What is this lontti culture then?

To be able to cherish our culture we wanted to understand, what lonttis value the most about it. So, I interviewed five of my colleagues to ask them how they see CCEA’s culture. Out of these interviews, “lontti cases” were born.

Empathy, helping each other, openness and wellbeing were brought up in each discussion. Lontti culture is seen as a community, where we show support, accept each other as we are, meet outside of work and don’t compete against one another.

Mari said that lontti culture is a combination of small things and gestures that make people feel good and welcome, but that separately wouldn’t mean anything. In a well-functioning culture people feel safe and according to her, that is exactly wanted also at CCEA. Also, you must treat people good and equally – this is something Elli appreciates. It is not only acceptable, that people are different, but it is also hoped that we show our own personalities.   

Our environment inspires Tiina to develop herself and she is learning something new from her colleagues all the time. It is great that we can share information without any competition. She also emphasized our humour – work can be fun! Johanna feels the same way and she told she has found real friends at CCEA. These friends show their support both at and outside of work.

That is, we call our community the “lontti family”, where we genuinely care for each other and succeed together, as Petri summarized. He felt the lontti culture immediately, although the term is hard to explain to outsiders. If you got interested, you can read Petri’s lontti case here. There you can also find Mari’s, Elli’s, Johanna’s and Tiina’s cases.

Do you value same qualities in company culture? Do similar things appear in your community? What do you think, would CCEA be the right workplace for you? Read more about us and send your application >>