Amazing customer satisfaction in 2019 – ”Always one step ahead”

CCEA customer satisfaction has always been on a high level, but in 2019 it was even better than earlier. Our customers hardly found anything to criticize: the general rating was 4,6 (on a scale 1–5), and a full 100% of respondents would recommend CCEA for similar projects.

CCEA people make us do things.”

According to Johanna Wäänänen, Chief of Customer Experience in CCEA, we can reach top-notch results thanks to the attitude and know-how of our experts.

”Expertise, experience and tools are mentioned in the customer feedback as default skills that need to be solid. But what really makes the difference, is the approach and attitude of CCEA consultants. Proactivity, kindness, and taking responsibility were emphasized in the responses. As one customer put it ’CCEA people are always one step ahead’”, says Johanna.

CCEA concentrates on changes where people need to change their ways of working as the result of a project and where people are involved in defining, planning and implementing the change. Our tools, methods and experience have been refined in hundreds of changes.

“They have the right attitude and readiness to provide the service even with tight schedules.”

”Customer satisfaction is the end result of how successfully and with what attitude those actions are carried out in various changes and projects. Our know-how is built through change experience and plain doing. We train ourselves constantly and try to internally share our knowledge, best practices – and also oops moments, i.e. lessons from not so successful cases”, Johanna explains.

What kind of targets and plans does CCEA have for this year to maintain the excellent customer experience?

”Our people are key. We want to continue supporting everyone at CCEA by providing a good working environment, enabling learning with colleagues and maintaining professional skills. For one person it means latest literature or training possibilities, for another one new approaches, methods and templates, and for someone else regular sparring partners. This is how we try to remove the obstacles to success”, Johanna lists.

“CCEA experts really understand the whole process of what is needed to implement the changes.

”For a while ago, I read about a study where it was noted that the success of a company does not lie in individuals but between individuals. This goes also for CCEA. Our target for this year is to think how we can better grow on the experiences of each of our experts and provide our customers with the best talents and best change competence”, concludes Johanna.

Quotes in the middle of the text are excerpts from customer satisfaction interviews.