CCEA keeps up with the strong and steady growth

Corporations’ understanding on the importance of change execution has further increased. This has contributed to the business results of CCEA, a company specialized in change implementation. In 2019, CCEA’s sales continued to grow over 20%, reaching 5,3 million euros.

“I recognize three reasons behind our growth. First, top management and people in key roles in changes have a broader view on how demanding changes are and how much support is needed to enable successful change. Second, today CCEA is also strongly considered as a partner for the step before change execution – the phase where change is defined, crystallized and concretized”, says Reetta Rajala, the CEO and founder of CCEA.

The third reason for CCEA’s continuous growth is trust.

“Our customers’ trust in CCEA and our expertise has increased. They want to involve us in even bigger changes and transformations. Our projects are growing substantially in size, and this trend seems to continue”, Reetta says.

In every corporation, leading change is always the responsibility of top management and supervisors, and this responsibility can’t be delegated or outsourced. However, we have been able to create significant value for our customers by ensuring and accelerating their change execution.

“The ongoing growth and running of a 5,3-million-euro business wouldn’t be possible without the superb team! We employ brilliant professionals who surprise and delight our customers with their expertise every day. This can be concluded also from our outstanding customer satisfaction results”, Reetta praises. We reward our great team also with bonuses. This year 35% of the profit will be paid as annual bonuses for the employees.

For 2020, CCEA is targeting for at least the same growth level as in previous year.

“We aim at growing our business with current customers, supporting new customers in executing their changes with even better outcomes, developing our service offering, and pursuing our opportunities abroad”, Reetta plans.