CCEA acquires a change measurement company Celkee Oy and makes changes measurable

CCEA Oy, Finland’s biggest change management company and Celkee Oy, specialized in measuring change have joined forces. The acquisition complements CCEA’s service offering with change measurement, which is one of the key elements in implementing successful changes and brings useful information about the change progress to organization’s leadership and change makers. The acquisition is also a major strategic step into digitalizing CCEA’s services in people-driven change.

Celkee is CCEA’s long-time partner, whose digital solution for measuring change, Celkee Insight® is used not only by a large number of Finnish organizations but also by many global customers of CCEA.

“Celkee Insight® is a change measurement service that defeats other survey and pulse tools on the market in three ways. It is incredibly easy for groups affected by the change to continuously bring up their views and perception on the change. Secondly, Celkee Insight® reports information about how people perceive the change, in a very simple but comprehensive way. This way change leadership and change makers can focus on the groups that need support the most. Additionally, Celkee Insight® gives an up-to-date snapshot and trend about the change. There is no need for the leadership to wait pulse surveys and reports about their results,” Reetta Rajala, CCEA’s CEO, explains reasons for the acquisition.

The measurement solution is based on behavioural scientific studies and it helps to accelerate the speed of change implementation with timely and well targeted actions.

”CCEA is a forerunner in people-driven change and already Finland’s biggest company in change implementation – and in fact a significant player in Nordic level as well. Acquiring Celkee complements our services with change measurement. Measurable changes improve our capability to bring more value for our customers, and are an important step in our journey to increase efficiency in change implementation by digitalisation,” Reetta continues.

Celkee is a Tampere-based company founded in 2012 and employs 3 people. Celkee Oy’s turnover in 2019 was about 470,000 euros. Along with the acquisition, all Celkee’s employees will join the CCEA team.

“CCEA is a world-class expert in change implementation and they have a strong global clientele and a very good reputation. We have had a good co-operation already for several years, so this is a natural next step for us in Celkee. As part of CCEA we can develop Celkee Insight® so that it enables successful changes and projects and follows up progress even better. The acquisition will also be a great opportunity for our customers to get strong competence and experience to support their change leadership and implementation,” CEO of Celkee, Kimmo Vättö, says.

More information:

Reetta Rajala, CEO, CCEA Oy, +358 40 779 8313
Kimmo Vättö, CEO, Celkee Oy, +358 40 506 5934

CCEA is Finland’s biggest company of experts specialized in implementing change. We have an exceptional ability to get people to do their work and think in a new way. We define the content of the change, plan its implementation, and persistently put it into practice. One person at a time, if needed. In doing so, we maximize the return on our customers’ investment in change.

Celkee Insight®is a measuring service for modern leadership that genuinely wants to understand what different parts of the organization, individuals or clients think about the topics relevant to successful change implementation. The solution is based on Human Intelligence Techonology™ platform developed by Celkee Oy.