CCEA and corona virus

We are living very exceptional times. The corona virus causing COVID-19 disease has turned the world upside down and is affecting each of us. Every corporate, public institution and family are forced to reconsider and rearrange their everyday activities in a new way. The situation is causing concerns, confusion and lots of questions.

“In the times like this we have to prioritize the well-being and safety of people. Continuity of operations and working are part of the human welfare. When working completely remotely, we in the top management find it more challenging to support our CCEA team. Therefore, we want to be as open as possible in all communication related to this situation. This is our collective issue”, says the CEO Reetta Rajala.

At CCEA, we truly respect the guidelines and orders given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Finnish Government and our customers. In our everyday life, we follow these practices in the fight against corona:

  • We applied the quarantine practice on the people travelling in epidemic areas and reminded everyone about the importance of good hand hygiene at early stage.
  • We postponed to autumn our year’s biggest event CHANGE20 which had 300 registered participants.
  • Last Friday, we started working remotely for the indefinite period. All employees have the possibility to borrow tools improving their working ergonomics, e.g. screens and keyboards, from the office. The CCEA people mainly working in customer premises comply with the guidelines by the customers.
  • As collective meetings are important to us and belong to the CCEA culture, we will organize our weekly morning circles and monthly meetings virtually and recommend video connection for everyone.
  • We have created a dedicated Teams Q&A channel and a WhatsApp group where participants can ask and discuss about the corona virus and share their tips to the colleagues.
  • Every CCEA employee is provided with CCEA10 time that is normally allocated to internal CCEA projects. In the current situation, employees can use this 10 % of their work time in keeping their children company. Because working in the presence of small kids can be intermittent and easily disturbed, we have sorted out the availability of various virtual entertainment possibilities for children, e.g. gym or story hours.
  • We are investigating the virtual doctor service with our healthcare partner Terveystalo. Terveystalo also provides corona tests which an employee suspecting infection can take at CCEA’s expense.
  • CCEA experts are flexible and resilient and therefore are even able to host customer workshops virtually in this exceptional situation.
  • We just had an extensive recruitment campaign, and we will conduct all interviews virtually for now.
  • Our target is that no tasks or meetings need to be skipped because of the current status.