Accelerated path to sustainable remote ways of working

With a 2-week path, your organization and teams can be facilitated to adopt sustainable remote ways of working. Choose the components – Remote manager, Remote Workday, Remote Meetings and Remote Ideation – that your organization and teams need, in order to be productive and to feel pleasant when working remotely. 

Effective and pleasant remote work are for the most part about behaviour – tools are just enablers.

The exceptional times caused by corona virus have forced many organizations – and its people – to jump to “remote only” mode without any preparation and sometimes in an uncontrolled way. The old routines cannot be followed, and many tasks that are normally carried out in autopilot, now require more energy and concentration. In addition, the regular team and leadership routines don’t apply as such. 

The support offered to organizations and their teams has almost entirely focused on using technologies and tools. However, remote ways of working are for the most part about behaviour, whereas tools and technologies are efficient enablers.

This sudden switch is now causing significant inefficiencies in many organizations deepening the financial hit caused by the corona crisis. Moreover, the impacts on employee experience can be long-lasting.

But remote ways of working can be both productive and pleasant when the behaviour fits the virtual environment and the tools are used in the most appropriate way.

Build a sustainable foundation to remote ways of working in 2 weeks

CCEA is an expert in people-driven change. Based on our expertise in a variety of changes related to ways of working and remote collaboration, we have now designed an accelerated service to guide your organization to adopt the remote ways of working in a sustainable way.

When people feel productive and pleasant, the negative impacts caused by the crisis can be buffered and your organization’s readiness to boost business when crisis is over can be significantly improved.

Which components do you need for you people to feel productive and pleasant in remote mode?

Choose 1–4 of the following components – and let’s get started:

  • Remote manager – Recipe for leading people and teams remotely
  • Remote workday – Recipe for making daily work productive and pleasant
  • Remote meetings – Recipe for making most of the meetings
  • Remote ideation – Recipe for boosting ideas and virtual facilitation

To order an accelerated path for sustainable remote ways of working or learn more about it, please contact:

Minna Kivimäki,, +358 40 668 9767