Measure how people perceive working remotely

I can be as productive remotely as I am when working at the office. I am coping well when working remotely. How would people in your organization or team rate these statements?

With the CCEA Perception Measurement service, you can measure people’s perception of working remotely in an easy, cost-efficient, and reliable way. Through the visibility of the measurement results, you can provide them with targeted support to improve their mood and performance.

The exceptional times caused by coronavirus have forced many organizations – and its people – to jump to “remote only” mode without any preparation and sometimes in an uncontrolled way. This influences office employees, but also other organizations, such as schools and daycare, meaning that the circumstances around people during their workday can be demanding.

This might have impacts on both productivity and well-being. But how do you know, how do people feel about working remotely? How do remote working and exceptional circumstances impact people’s mood and performance? 

“People are doing relatively fine and are happy about the tools and support, but the customer service teams in Southern Finland perceive a decline in collaboration. Let’s immediately start actions to support them and their team leads.” 

With the CCEA Perception Measurement service, you know in real-time, how do people in different parts of the organization, units, and teams perceive the remote work. Enabled by the service, you can quickly and distinctively identify the arising problems and tackle them proactively, even during the same day. This has a positive impact on the productivity and well-being of people – and contributes to the continuation of business and operations as generally as possible. 

Perception measurement up and running in a week 

At CCEA, we are experts in measuring people’s perception and know how to set up a reliable measurement based on behavioral sciences. After the kick-off, we can have the measurement service up and running within a week. 

Our service includes  

  • Consulting work with the perception measurement set-up: settings, questions, reporting views 
  • Perception measurement service for three months with reliable change indicators  
  • Summaries of measurement findings with recommended actions 
  • Messages to employees communicating the decided actions/ways forward 

“Based on the measurement, the support actions towards the customer service teams in Southern Finland seem to have resulted in a clear improvement in collaboration.” 

The CCEA Perception Measurement service is powered by Celkee Insight® tool and Human Intelligence Technology™.  

To order the three-month measurement package or learn more about it, please contact 

Tero Kyckling,, +358 40 558 5470