Develop change capability: virtual learning paths for change makers and team leaders now open for everyone

CCEA change execution and change leadership learning paths are now open for everyone. The 6-week learning path is a new change training that ensures that learnings can immediately be put to practise along with the everyday work-related duties. This brings proven results. 

In autumn 2020 we will start three learning paths. The paths starting in September and November are targeted at change makers,such as change managers, project managers, agile coaches, process owners as well as people working in PMO roles or otherwise contributing to change initiatives. The path starting in October in meant for line managers and team leaders. 

Applying learnings to ongoing changes 

The CCEA learning paths for change makers and team leaders consist of virtual workshops, exercises related to the ongoing change initiatives, as well as sparring throughout the path. The learning paths bring practical capabilities to execute and lead changes successfully. 

After accomplishing the learning objectives, the participants you will be recognized with People-Driven Change certification. 

“When designing the learning paths, the red tread has been to ensure that people would not perceive learning as a burden that makes them do the “real work” in the evening hours or weekends. Like in a well executed change, we have broken the learning contents and assignments down into such pieces that everyone can accomplish them along with their work – and simultaneously drive the ongoing change”, says Auli Packalén, CCEA Chief of Brand & Offering. 

Customized development paths for leadership teams 

CCEA coaches senior leaders in change leaderships, reaching the aimed benefits of the changes as well as to balance people’s load and capacity. 

“For senior leaders, we recommend customized paths for their own leadership teams. Company specific customized learning paths are also available for change makers and team leaders. Paths or the modules of a path can be included in the company’s competence development offering, ongoing change initiatives or existing training programs”, says Auli. 

Sign up now for autumn 2020 learning paths 

Change execution learning path for change makers (in Finnish) on Sep 9th – Oct 21st, 2020. Read more and register 

Change leadership learning path for managers and team leaders (in Finnish) on Oct 7th – Nov 25th, 2020. Read more and register  

Change execution learning path for change makers (in Finnish) on Nov 3rd,2020 – Jan 12th, 2021. Read more and register