Optimized ways of working – combine the best of remote and on-site work

We can help you in strengthening your organizational working capability after coronavirus lockdown and in the changing business environment. The new concept helps to combine the best of remote work with the best of on-site work to create optimized new ways of working for teams and organizations.

The exceptional times caused by the coronavirus put most organizations through major changes in ways of working by forcing them to jump to “remote only” mode. As the lockdown is now being released in a number of countries and societies, organizations need to adapt to new circumstances and requirements – again.
Organizations can strengthen their working capability in these transitional times by keeping their employees constantly up to date about the guidelines on usage of on-site facilities and by ensuring that teams and individuals can operate and collaborate productively both remotely and on-site.

CCEA’s ingredients for optimized new ways of working

When creating optimized new ways of working for the transitional times, following aspects should be considered:

  • What are the organizational guidelines for post-lock down period?
  • What are our common ways of working?
  • How do we meet, ideate and plan?
  • How do I lead a team that is partly remote and partly on-site?
  • Optimized ways of working contribute to employee wellbeing and organizational flexibility, as well as to productive collaboration and co-creation.

Choose the service level suitable for your organization

CCEA is an expert in people-driven change. Based on our expertise in a variety of changes related to ways of working and collaboration, we can support your organization according to your need.

  • Level 1: Standard material package
  • Level 2: Standard material package with standard change support
  • Level 3: Customized change execution service

To order the service or learn more about it, please contact:
Minna Kivimäki, minna.kivimaki@ccea.com, +358 40 668 9767