Riikka Halmesvaara: Virtual onboarding to the company and community by a newcomer

For me, joining CCEA did not start the way it was planned to. My first day at CCEA was the1st of April 2020 when, due to corona virus, the entire world had been working remotely for weeks.

I was nervous to start in a new company without being able to see anyone face to face. However, my nervousness was unnecessary. I received a couple of supporting phone calls from the lontti family even before starting. My computer and phone as well as a welcome package were delivered to my door and my calendar was nicely filled with onboarding sessions and virtual meetings. When my first day came, I was at least half a lontti, which we call ourselved at CCEA.

Despite the unusual situation, all arrangements were fluently done. Introduction process was well planned and I didn´t have to wonder what to do next and everything worked virtually. Butterflies in my stomach faded away quickly and all of a sudden I found myself working at full speed

I got to participate in interesting projects straight away and worked as a part of the project team. Lontti´s are a tight and supporting community. Everyone can to be themselves and it is hard to imagine any warmer welcome. The atmosphere is so open and always welcoming new ideas that I quickly noticed bravely making suggestions and being able to use my full potential.

I have been especially proud of the collaboration and the excellent spirit among lontti´s. People are not afraid to share personal things with colleagues or their mistakes and oops moments. Everyone is equal and everyone’s opinion is appreciated. It is common that people ask “How are you doing?” and “How do you feel about this?” I really feel that colleagues are genuinely cared about. I am proud to be a part of this community!

Virtual coffee breaks, remote “get to know each other” meetings, common conversation channels and walking meetings over the phone have enabled a good induction for me. I have even set up an ice cream stall meeting, safety distance considering of course. Starting fully remotely in a new job obviously leaves a hole into getting to know people because casual chatting at the office is not possible right now. Well something to look forward to!

My journey to the lontti family was everything but typical but even in this challenging situation lonttis made it in a superb way. After a a couple of months, many lonttis feel familiar despite never meeting them face to face. Looking forward to meeting all the lonttis at our Keilaranta office.