Webinars on September 23rd and 29th: How to measure the behavioural change?

Sign up for the second part of the series of Measurable Change webinars on Wednesday, September 23th (in Finnish) or on Tuesday September 29th (in English) at 8:30–10:00 am.

On the first part we addressed how to measure people’s perception on change reliably and how the perception contributes to the probability of a successful change.

Now we will focus on measuring actual change in behaviour and ways of working: how can we figure out whether people really change their behaviour to a desired direction?

CCEAs principal consultants Reetta Rajala, Anu Järvelä and Auli Packalén are addressing the topic by presenting several cases on how to measure behavioural change, how to utilise the gained data right away and how does the behavioural change correlate with achieving seeked benefits.

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8.30 Welcome

8.35 How to measure the behavioural change and utilize the data in change implementation? CCEA’s principal consultants presenting practical cases.

9.20 Conversation & questions

10.00 End of the webinar