Auli Packalén: How to update the line manager and team leader trainings into the era of continuous change?

Line managers and team leaders play an important – yet demanding – role in renewing organizations and ensuring that the targeted benefits of projects and development initiatives are realized. They are typically both impacted the change and leading the change in their organization or team.

But now many of them are fed up with too many simultaneous changes. The load they are facing from the variety of changes exceeds the capacity they have available to support their team members while keeping the current business and operations up and running.

When I’ve had conversations with people who are responsible of capability development in organizations, it is not one or two of them who have admitted, that the current training offering should be updated when it comes to change leadership.

Three options to move forward

I find three good ways to update the change leadership training offering to meet the needs of this decade:

  1. The first – quickest and easiest – way is to offer the line managers and team leaders a chance to attend an open change leadership learning path.
  2. The second way is to include new learning content in the existing training offering to cover the change leadership skills better.
  3. The third way is to build a customized learning path for the organization to support team leaders to improve their change leadership skills.

How is the learning path, what is the key content?

The learning path offered by CCEA brings the practical knowledge, skills and tools to lead change successfully. The path consists of individual learning, interactive workshops, discussions in a learning space as well as individual sparring. Between various workshops the participants have a chance to apply the learnings into ongoing or upcoming change initiative.

The concept of a learning path strongly lies on research and practice on effective and sustainable learning results. The learning path has been designed so that it can be accomplished along with the everyday work and duties. This way, learning is efficient, and the results quickly realized in everyday work.

Based on my experience, the following seven are the key contents equip the managers with the change leadership skills:

  • People-driven change
  • Human brain and emotions in change
  • Leading oneself in change
  • Supporting people and psychological safety
  • Manager’s communication role in change
  • Implementing change in one’s own organization or team
  • Difficult situations in change

If my ideas resonate with yours, please be in touch: or +358 40 845 3045. I’m happy to give further information and help you to find the best solution to your organization.