Riikka Halmesvaara: Lonttikummi. Excuse me, what?

You know that tickling feeling on a first day of a new job? You feel excited but also nervous. You may have met some of your new colleagues during the recruitment process but how about all the others? What are they like? Do they have time for an occasional chat over a cup of coffee? Do they go for lunch together – and with you, too? At CCEA, we want to acknowledge those feelings and worries.

We want our newcomers, or lonttis, as we call ourselves, to feel welcome and as being a part of our lontti family right from the start. Thus, a lot has happened before the very first day of a new lontti (CCEA team member). One of the key elements is to have a dedicated lonttikummi – a lontti godmother or father if you will. Lonttikummi has an important role in introducing the newcomer into our culture and CCEA way of working – as well as to new colleagues and lunch restaurants.

Casual, easy-going and individual

Having a lonttikummi is not about going through PowerPoint presentations together but just the opposite! It is about chatting unofficially and getting to know each other in a cosy set up such as a nice long walk together. Lonttikummi meetings are one representation of CCEA way. We want to avoid bureaucracy, hierarchy, and everything else that has a rigid and genteel connotation.

Thanks to your superb and very well-structured introduction process, the core task of the lonttikummi is just to be there for you and answer any possible questions. Again, it is an example of what it is to be a lontti: to be open and supportive to everyone. Lonttis are all equal no matter the gender, age or lontti seniority.

All lonttis are welcoming the newcomer with open arms into the family but lonttikummi still goes beyond. The role is sort of being a parent who looks after the newcomer. Eventually, lonttikummi often remains as an important sparring partner even though the baby lontti may have grown into a toddler or preschooler. With lonttikummi by your side, it is easy to become a true member or our easy-going and family-like community of change experts. – Are you our next baby lontti?