Measurable changes webinar series part 3: How to Measure the Change Benefits?

Sign up for the third part of the Measurable Change webinar series on Tuesday, December 8th at 8:30–10:00 am. 

In the 1st part of our webinar series we focused on measuring people’s perception on change, and in the 2nd part on the change in behaviour and ways of working. 

Now, in the 3rd part, we will tackle how to measure the change benefits. Practically every project or program follows up – sometimes after a surprisingly long period of time – whether the benefits aimed with the project are realised of not. How the aimed benefits can be translated into behaviours that lead to the desired targets? How the realization of benefits can be measured all the time. 

CCEA’s founder and principal consultant Reetta Rajala will give a short presentation on the topic, after which we have plenty of time to discuss together.

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8:30 Welcome

8:40 How to measure the change benefits? Reetta Rajala

Questions, conversation & sharing of experiences and learnings

10:00 Webinar ends


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