CCEA thesis collaboration 2020: Top management views about continuous change

How do Finnish top-tier companies cope with continuous changes? What is their change capability and capacity? CCEA sought to shed light on those critical questions together with Nikolaos Magalios, a student in the master’s program in Management and International Business at Aalto University.

Nikolaos conducted a research for his master’s thesis “Comprehension and understanding of change among senior leaders” from October 2019 to May 2020. For his thesis, Nikolaos interviewed eight senior leaders and analysed the data with qualitative research methods. CCEA provided support and guidance on the topic and facilitated interviews with senior leaders in top-tier Finnish companies. The knowledge and experience of those managers has been vital for the conclusions of the research.

“Thesis collaboration is a great way for CCEA to continuously increase our own understanding of how change is perceived and to stay in tune with the latest research. Students from earlier thesis collaborations have also ended up working for CCEA, so it’s a great way of finding brilliant people who feel as strongly about working with change as we at CCEA do”, says Mira Dahlman, Chief of People 6 culture at CCEA.

“Working with CCEA during my master’s thesis and learning from experts on change management was the most exciting and fruitful experience of my studies. Apart from that, it has been a privilege to interview senior leaders with vast managerial experience and learn from the real-life cases they described”, Nikolaos says. Nikolaos’ thesis resulted in valuable insights with practical implications to senior and change managers. Stay tuned for them!

Nikolaos Magalios is a graduate of Aalto University’s master’s program in Management and International Business. He wrote hes master’s thesis “A qualitative study about comprehension and understanding of continuous change among senior leaders” in co-operation with CCEA.