CCEA continues its strong growth in the number of employees

CCEA continues its strong growth by increasing its personnel

Eleven new change experts started in 2020 and recruitments continued at the end of the year providing even more growth.

In March CCEA and Celkee Oy, specialized in measuring, change joined forces. Along with the acquisition, all Celkee’s employees joined the CCEA team: Principal Consultant Kimmo Vättö, Software Developer Simo Järvinen and Account Director Tero Kyckling.

Kirsi Keränen, Taru Hermunen-Kuusela and Maria Gauffin started as a Senior Consultant in 2020. Maria Rusko started as a Principal Consultant, Nina Näsi as a Consultant and Riikka Halmesvaara as a Project Coordinator.

Maarit Pojanluoma and Suvi Vainio started as a part of CCEA’s partner network.

Starting a new job remotely 

During the exceptional year recruitment processes were held virtually and many of the employees started the new job remotely. Introduction process and how to get familiar with other employees needed more planning than usually. 

“I was nervous to start in a new company without being able to see anyone face to face. However, my nervousness was unnecessary. I received a couple of supporting phone calls from the lontti family even before starting. My computer and phone as well as a welcome package were delivered to my door and my calendar was nicely filled with onboarding sessions and virtual meetings. When my first day came, I was at least half a lontti, which we call ourselved at CCEA”, says Riikka Halmesvaara.

“We have created our introduction program together and our goal is that the new lontti feels welcome, easily becomes a part of the CCEA’s community, understands the expectations and starts to get control of his/hers work as soon as possible. Well planned start serves the new employee when many practical things are already taken care of. Cultural practises and communications need to be increased so the communality will last. We have created a culture guide, slam book and virtual thank you channel. Also, the new employees will get own “lonttikummi” and have lontti dates ready in their calendar. We need to have a little bit more anticipating and scheduling since those spontaneous office meetings do not come true”, says Mira Dahlman, Chief of People & Culture.

The growth will continue in 2021

Several recruitments kept lonttis busy the whole last year and the same trend continues in 2021. In the beginning of January five new employees joined in the lontti family: Senior Consultants Marja Saarentaus and Saara Karasvirta, Business Development Manager Tom Toivonen, Marketing Manager Eveliina Sivula and Coordinator Iida Haikonen.

“We are extremely thankful for the new lontti members who have chosen us. Our culture becomes richer and our knowledge is getting more versatile with every new person. It looks like the speed of change accelerates and we will be able to help our customers succeed in the growth of changes. Thus this year our family continues to expand”, Mira says.

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