High customer satisfaction is based on customer understanding

Professional, flexible, reliable. Our customers described US With these three words in last years customer satisfaction interviews.

We were privileged to enjoy our customers good feedback in last years customer satisfaction interviews. The most important reason for a systematic way to gather feedback is that we want to understand our customers and provide them even better service.

After every project we interview our customers so we can understand where we could be better and what is important to our customers. Numerical evaluation gives us insight about the direction we are heading to, what our strengths are and in which parts we should invest more. Our performance is strongly based on long, continuous customer relationships”, says Johanna Wäänänen, CEO of CCEA.

One of CCEAs targets for the year 2020 was to think how we could grow by the experiences of our experts and provide the best talents and best change competence to our customers. Did we achieve this target?

Last year we launched monthly meetings where we are able to share our knowledge and ideas to each other. The target is that every participant can learn something new and develop our customer projects even better”, says Johanna.

CCEA will continue to be a generalist in change

CCEA Oy became a part of Gofore Plc, the digital transformation company, as of March 1st, 2021. The people-driven execution of change combined with technology know-how will make Gofore a leading people-driven digital transformation consultancy in Finland.

CCEA Oy will continue as an independent company as part of Gofore consulting business and a change generalist. Our services, contact persons, and ways of working will continue as they currently are.

I truly believe that our journey with Gofore is a great opportunity for CCEA customers, for Gofore customers and for our talented team. CCEA experts will continue in supporting the changes with the same beloved way as before. CCEA will continue to be a generalist in change: we will help organizations to succeed in strategy, organization, operating model or information system changes. Together with Gofore, we can serve the customers more comprehensively: even in digitalization, it’s all about people in the centre of the change”, Johanna concludes.

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