Kati Laine-Kokki: Professional development at CCEA

What’s the last thing you learned at work? How do you take care of your own skills? The question stopped me in my tracks, as I had not actively considered it lately. So, it was a good opportunity to put some of the thinking in writing. In CCEA, there are several good ways to support employee development.

Structures for learning are in place

In CCEA, though has been put into building opportunities for professional development. The goal is to develop competencies for the needs of both the business and the employee. Our learning model is based on the idea that we learn best from work experience, by learning together and from others. To emphasize the importance of developing, 10% of our working time is reserved for common activities, including development work. This time called CCEA10 makes time spent on development activities visible.

The atmosphere in CCEA is open and safe, making it easy for everyone to try new things. Learning is encouraged. Sometimes repetition is in place and even “old” lonttis can participate in the comprehensive induction program for new ones as needed. An experienced Lonttikummi will introduce a new employee to CCEA ways of working. Also mentoring is possible.

To support our growth as experts, we can get coaching outside the work community. With the help of an external coach, we can look at our own work, our relationship to work, and the way we work from a different angle.

How do we learn at CCEA?

We believe that formal education can easily be brushed off if what is learned cannot be put into practice. Therefore, our own in-house coaching as well as the coaching and learning paths offered to clients implement the same model. It has been found to be effective.

Acquiring new skills and experiences, of course, sometimes requires getting outside. Various out-of-house events, courses, trainings, and seminars offer the opportunity to discover what is happening in the world, meet new people and spend a different working day. Interesting and purposeful training is encouraged and supported.

An important part of developing together is giving and asking for feedback. Everyone can define their preferred way to receive feedback. How to request and provide feedback is discussed and agreed upon with the team at the beginning of each project. We also share our successes and failures together in Teams and in our monthly meeting. Of course, we collect feedback from our clients on a regular basis and learn from that.

Community of sharing

Learning together and learning from others is a natural part of doing things in CCEA. Everyone can volunteer for situations and projects where there is an opportunity to learn something new. We can challenge ourselves and expose ourselves to not knowing yet. When a new project starts, you can ask a sparring buddy to just discuss the project at hand, and how to best tackle it. In most cases, sparring sessions attract other interested colleagues.

And when we learn things, we tell it to everyone who wants to hear. We share what we learn from our clients in joint meetings every month, where we strive to highlight issues that benefit us all. At the same time, client cases become familiar, and everyone knows what kind of projects CCEA has been involved in. Good practices and the best parts (and the worst moments) of the courses taken are shared quickly in lontti clinics. Anyone can schedule one through a shared calendar. Similarly, tips on articles to read, videos, and podcasts are shared on internal channels. The latest experiment in shared learning, the study circle, has also been launched on the same “allowed to do” principle: we watch and listen to lectures and discuss them together. In addition, we have excellent opportunities to share and highlight our knowledge and expertise, for example, on social media, through various discussions and in webinars.

As CCEA grows, the number of various cross-functional projects increase, followed by many new opportunities to experiment, and learn. Every lontti is the best leader and supervisor of their own learning, and it is important to be able to influence your own development. There are good opportunities for that in CCEA.

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