The most insightful change event CHANGE21 14.10.

Welcome to CHANGE21 event on October 14th, 2021 at 15:00–18:00! Virtual CHANGE21 is for everyone in a role of a change sponsor, owner, leader, or change maker. The event, organized now for the fourth time, is in Finnish, and is free of charge.

Speakers of the CHANGE21 event, sharing insights on change journeys, will be Jukka Kurttila, Finlayson’s Creative Director, Lotta Vuoristo, KONE’s Head of Culture Journey and Sebastian Nyström, SOK’s Chief Transformation Officer.

We will be happy to offer you a great live stream experience with inspiration, food for thought and practical take-aways to your work. The event is powered by CCEA & Gofore.

The event will be moderated by Christina Dahlblom. She is wildly curious about the longer-term impact of the rapid changes our society, our organizations and we as individuals are going through at the moment.

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