Alexandra Forsberg: Experiences of CCEA’s recruitment process

Throughout the recruitment process at CCEA I always felt welcomed, valued and empowered. As a young woman in the corporate world, this isn’t something to take for granted. From the start, it was made clear to me that the recruitment process was going to be an interactive experience where we together explore whether I would be the right fit for CCEA and the other way around. In the following post I would like to highlight three things that I found especially outstanding and how these three things highlight the core of CCEA’s values and ways of working.

1. Contact and transparency

Due to the pandemic my recruitment process was somewhat longer than anticipated, despite this, I never felt like I was forgotten about. I received multiple updates and even got to meet up with Mira Dahlman, Chief of People and Culture, via video calls. This really speaks for how people at CCEA treat each other; by keeping up the contact with me I really felt that I was seen, that my time was valued and that I could trust that CCEA wouldn’t leave me hanging. Additionally, the trust was further strengthened by the transparency in the recruitment process, as I was consequently& kept in the loops of what was happening, when and why.

2. The human touch

I had the pleasure of meeting many lontti’s throughout the recruitment process and one thing that stood out to me was how I never felt that there was a power structure. With this, I mean that I was met with positivity, kindness and compassion, that created a high level of trust in CCEA. The interviews were never interrogations, rather they were pleasant discussions where we got to know each other as people. It was okay to be vulnerable, it was okay to be human.

3. Equal personality assessment

Finally, I want to highlight what a difference it makes when all employees are equally evaluated when joining a team. Though, I wasn’t applying for the higher positions I still went through a very thorough assessment. I would be lying if I claimed that the personality assessment wasn’t a somewhat thrilling experience, but in hindsight I wouldn’t want it any other way. By going through the personality assessment, it gave me courage and confidence in my own capabilities. At CCEA personal development is highly encouraged and this was already visible during the recruitment process.

To conclude this text, I’d like to highlight how a significant part of successful recruiting is creating a space where the applicant isn’t afraid of being judged or misunderstood. This will not only benefit the applicant but also the recruiting organization, as it is more likely to get a realistic picture of the applicant if they feel safe to show who they are. When recruitment processes are conducted well, applicants leave feeling empowered and motivated. 

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