Open virtual learning path for change makers on March 1st, 2022 – April 27th, 2022

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Are you a change maker? If you are a project manager, agile coach, change lead, working in a PMO role, or in some other way actively participating the change initiatives in your organization, you are! You, as a change maker, are in a key role in renewing your organization and ensuring that the targeted benefits of projects and development initiatives are realized. 

Sign up for the virtual change makers’ learning path starting on March 1st 2022. This learning path will be in Finnish. 

“Practical, versatile and people-centric.”

The learning path offered by CCEA brings the practical knowledge, skills and tools to execute change successfully for the key people responsible for driving change. The path consists of individual learning, interactive workshops, discussions in a learning space as well as individual sparring. Between various workshops the participants have a chance to apply the learnings into ongoing or upcoming change initiative. In the end of the path, the participants can have People-Driven Change Certification by passing an exam. 

The concept of a learning path strongly lies on research and practice on effective and sustainable learning results. The learning path has been designed so that it can be accomplished along with the everyday work and duties. This way, learning is efficient and the results quickly realized in everyday work. 

The steps of the learning path: 

Mar 1, 2022 14:00–15.00 Induction session; familiarizing with the learning path, participants and learning space 

Mar 16, 2022 9:00–11:30 Workshop 1 

Mar 23, 2022 9:00–11:30 Workshop 2 

Mar 30, 2022 9.00–11:30 Workshop 3 

Apr 6, 2022 14.00–15.30 Change execution walk trough

Apr 13 2022 9.00–11:30 Workshop 4 

Apr 14, 2022–Apr 25, 2022 Individual sparring 1 h 

Apr 14, 2022–Apr 25, 2022 Optional certification exam 

Apr 27, 2022 14:00–15:15 Follow-up meeting 

Content of the learning path: 

  • Introduction to people-driven change 
  • Human brain and emotions in change 
  • Concretizing and planning change 
  • Implementing and measuring change 
  • Change communications and change story 
  • Setting up and running change networks 
  • Content voted by the participants: Involving people throughout the change; Supporting sponsors and line managers; Difficult situations in change 

“Well built – lots of information in a compressed format.”


The language of the learning path is Finnish. All the virtual meetings, workshops and individual sparring will be run on Microsoft Teams. The number of participants is limited to ensure high-quality learning experience. 


1,350€ + VAT including all the steps of the learning path, individual sparring as well as access to an interactive digital learning space throughout the path. In the learning space it is possible to discuss and share perspectives with the other participants and the learning path facilitators. 

General Terms and Conditions of CCEA training

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