Saara Lehmuskoski: What makes CCEA’s company culture special?

Five months of work life as Senior Consultant at CCEA Oy, and I’ve been impressed by the company culture: although almost all consultants work on different client projects, there’s an incredibly strong team feeling. How does that happen?

Firstly, newcomers are welcomed with genuine warmth and openness. CCEA’s onboarding process is well thought through. I feel included.

Secondly, there are no stupid questions, and anyone’s questions posted on one of our Teams channels are answered by another colleague, most often in an hour or two.

Thirdly, everyone’s expertise is shared – if I don’t know something, someone else does. And asking for colleagues’ support, as well as giving it, is encouraged. It’s our clients’ benefit when we collaborate. And when clients are happy, our business is good. We’ve created a positive cycle.

Fourthly, people genuinely care for each other. There’s a lot of respect for others.

Fifthly, every month we do a temperature check with Celkee measuring tool. We answer nine quick questions on how we feel. Transparency is key: everyone gets to see the results in real time, online, and they are also discussed openly on a monthly basis. If an indicator seems to be on the decline, solutions are sought instantly.

Building a strong culture of psychological security at a workplace pays off in many ways: staff feel supported and motivated to contribute to the benefit of colleagues and clients; workplace wellbeing is on a high level; difficult issues are discussed openly at an early stage, which helps find solutions also at an early stage, before the issue has grown too complicated.

A company culture is built of the everyday deeds all of us do, it requires everyone to contribute. At CCEA all of us – CEO, all consultants, project coordinators and assistants – walk the CCEA value talk on a daily basis, also when working from our home offices. We live the people-centred culture we promote: we show respect and courage, we work as a community, we build trust and operate in a transparent and just manner.

I started writing this blog after my first week of work, but then I thought I’d better see if it’s just a honeymoon. Five months later all my first impressions have grown stronger. Have I just landed in a perfect workplace? If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up!

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