Support for major changes in the public sector from the change management learning path

Eija Väätäinen works at City of Vantaa as a Manager of local government pilots on employment. She participated in change management learning path during the fall 2021. The timing for learning path was a success because her organization had just started a huge change journey, the next one was about to start and of course, the massive change in social welfare and healthcare is starting. 

“I’m able to use the learnings of the learning path in the change project which is about to start in my organization. It’s affecting 300 people and I’m in charge of change communication. I also got good, very concrete tips which I was able to use in practice immediately”, Eija says. 

In Eija’s opinion the biggest benefits of the learning path are the change management tools, processes and concrete ways in differents areas. As a result of having also material to take with you, the learnings are easier to save and utilize in the future. 

“It was very educational to discuss in peer groups where we shared our own experiences. Public sector can be seen a little bit challenging in change management point of view but  it was also very well taken into account in the learning path.  

The change management processes and tools will definetely be shared: “As a member of top management I can bring the learnings and tools to other members too by setting an example. When structuring clearly what the change is all about, it’s also easier to manage the change. ”  

Eija feels the learning path was indeed feasible alongside everyday work, even though the schedules in her work role are pretty tight. “The learning experience was very well structured also in terms of online training. I’m very pleased”, Eija wraps up.  

You can find more information about CCEA’s learning paths from here >> 

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