Learning path for change makers strengthened professional competence

Jaana Ohtonen works in digital development at Ilmarinen, a pension insurance company. She has accumulated extensive experience on change during the past 20 years. In the fall of 2021 Jaana participated in CCEA’s learning path for change makers – what are the key takeaways from this experience?

“The learning path helped me realize how change works. This made me realize and understand how people perceive change. I have also gained courage to start the change talk within my own organization, and I understand better how to apply specific change models into practice”, Jaana describes her learning path experience.

The learning path was finalized by a certification on her change knowledge and practices. This ensured credibility and tools to reinforce her professional competence. She already had the experience at hand, but the certification made it into more tangible proof of her professional change capabilities.

During her career Jaana has noticed that change is everyday within different organizations as changes happen all the time – and parallel. Furthermore, today many changes are digital.

“I strongly believe that the change capability is the key to company’s development effectiveness. When approaching the change in a people-driven manner, it allows us to reach the business goals faster and, also, have the changes implemented immediately. People often think that technology-lead change is a bad starting point but it does not matter from where the change begins, as long as people and their emotions and actions are in the core of the change.

Jaana says that it is crucial for the change to let it breathe and listen to the people instead of persistently sticking to what has formerly been decided. The change journey benefits from the flexibility and space around it and this gives room for the much needed continuous improvement.

“Change and change management has a lot to do with company strategy and visioning: When every employee of the company is engaged in the change(s) it might generate into something that both brings competitive advantage and reciprocates the everyday life of the customer”, Jaana concludes.

Upgrade your change capabilities to the next level and explore the upcoming open learning paths at CCEA! You can also ask for paths specifically customized for your organization. For further information, contact our Principal Consultant, Auli Packalén, auli@ccea.com.