We continue on the path of excellent customer satisfaction

Last year, as usual, we conducted customer satisfaction interviews after every project we executed. Typically, we aim to interview a few people on the customer’s side who worked on the project to gain broad understanding regarding the execution of the service. On a quarterly basis we summarise the customer satisfaction interviews and review them with the entire CCEA team sharing best practices and development ideas. 

These interviews are very important as they help us to understand our customers better. Based on the feedback we receive, we can evolve and develop further. We received excellent feedback from our customers as well as good development ideas for our services. These ensure that in the future we can serve our customers even better in their change projects.

“We received great feedback from our customers, and our customer experience is proceeding on the right track. It is important for us to understand the needs of our customers better and the value that our services bring to them. Last year we also received some concrete feedback from our customers regarding how we can further develop and improve, for instance, by challenging our customers more” shares our Principal Consultant Minna Kivimäki.

Our interviews from 2021 follow the same positive path as they have in earlier years. Based on the interviews, 100% of our customers would recommend our services and the overall customer satisfaction was 4,5 (on a scale of 1-5). The three most common words used to describe CCEA’s services were professional, expert and openness. Several other great words also stood out in the interviews, such as, humane, and flexible. Many similar words have already come up in earlier years and it has been wonderful to see which words have received more emphasis and what kind of new words have come along. You can take a closer look on how we have been defined by our customers from the world cloud below.