Municipality Finance selected CCEA to develop change competencies of all personnel groups

MuniFin (Municipality Finance Plc) is Finland’s third largest credit institution, and its work touches the everyday life of all Finns. MuniFin funds a wide range of significant and life-enhancing projects of Finnish municipalities: lending is used for environmentally and socially responsible investment targets such as public transportation, hospitals and healthcare centres, schools and day care centres, and homes for people with special needs.

In 2021, MuniFin had recently renewed its strategy, vision, mission, and values ​​and implemented an organizational change to support the renewal. At the same time, the operating environment was undergoing a major transition, with several different changes underway, such as the massive reform of the Finnish social and health care services.

“We recognized that the need for renewal is continuous and that is why we need to be able to lift up our organization’s change capability by developing key groups’ change skills and competencies,” says Minna Piitulainen, Executive Vice President, Development and HR Services at MuniFin.

MuniFin selected CCEA as a partner for developing the change capability, and during the autumn of 2021, CCEA designed and facilitated a change leadership sparring path the leadership team, a change leadership development path for line managers and team leaders, and a change execution development path for people working in projects. In addition, a learning path was designed and facilitated for all personnel in the spring of 2022 with the aim to develop skills that are needed in the modern work.

“MuniFin is an excellent example of an organization that has not only identified change capability as a strategic competence but has also systematically started to develop the practical skills and competences by providing systematic learning paths for all key groups,” says Auli Packalén, who heads CCEA’s change capability development services.

Focusing on the people side of change hit the spot

The objective of the development paths for the executive management team, line managers and those working in the projects was to ensure that each of the key people in the change has the practical skills to lead and implement the human side of the change, not just the technical project. In addition, the aim was to increase understanding of the different roles of each group in the change, and to strengthen interaction and communication between the groups.

The learning path for all personnel focused on the self-leadership skills, resilience, and the ability to adopt and navigate at the times of constant change. The learning path also provided support for line managers for discussing change-related concerns and other topics in their own teams.

“The best thing was definitely the people-centric approach. Whatever the topic or theme was, it was always viewed from a human perspective. Everything was scientifically backed up but applied to practice. In many cases, these topics remain a bit abstract, but in these paths the content was tied to everyday work,” says Tiina Lammi, Communications and HR Development Specialist at Munifin.

”Most successful training and coaching experience” 

According to Minna Piitulainen, the investment in developing organization’s change capability paid off, and the cooperation with CCEA continues. 

“The collaboration was really smooth; we were listened to and the whole co-operation was successful. This is the most successful training and coaching experience I have been involved in,” says Minna Piitulainen. 

The service was planned and delivered by a CCEA team Pauliina Piri, Riikka Halmesvaara, Katri Ranta, Elina Ämmälä and Auli Packalén.