Jasmin Honkanen: Change management coach – a personal mentor in change

Organisational changes, and especially transformations, are complex, often long-term, and require a lot from the people driving them.  

What could help the change practitioners and leaders to rediscover their own motivation for change? To keep the change direction clear? To view the change from different perspectives? To deal with the change itself and the emotions it evokes? To cope with the different change phases and the organisational responses? To see what could be done next, even when you feel that everything has already been tried?

All this can be supported by personal change management coaching and mentoring.

A change management coach is your thinking partner.

In addition to coaching, you also get mentoring and tools for managing yourself and others in organisational changes. Change management coaching is suitable for both change leaders and key change practitioners (e.g. a change project team member or a front-line manager leading change at team level).  

How does personal change management coaching support change leadership and change implementation? 

Coaching helps to… 

  • clarify and reach your own change goals 
  • take ownership of your own, possibly new, role as a change leader  
  • reflect on your own attitude towards the change and find your own motivation for change 
  • identify your individual potential and strengths as a change leader
  • provide tools for self-management and organisational change management 
  • view the change from different perspectives 
  • commit to and take responsibility of your own actions 
  • go forward with the change; what to do next, and how 
  • reflect on whether everything that can be done to implement the change has actually been done – or whether there is still something that could be tried 
  • see the positive and good that has already been achieved. 

Coaching sessions are moments to pause and reflect on the change as well as yourself as a change leader. Pausing, being met and heard, and ‘thinking out loud’ strengthen the change leader’s commitment and support in working towards the goals set for organisational change.