Business Transformation Office


In their strategy process facilitated by CCEA, our global industrial customer identified that there were several major areas for improvement in order to keep up with the competition and boost internal efficiency and the quality perceived by the customers. The challenges were widely recognized by the business management.


The objective for the CCEA service was to 1) facilitate the definition of the business transformation programs (must win battles), 2) ensure that the programs were effectively kicked off, 3) facilitate the program planning and execution throughout their lifecycle, 4) support the programs and the sub-projects to meet the objectives, 5) ensure the coordination between the programs and 6) drive the change implementation planning.

CCEA Delivery

First CCEA supported the customer to derive the business transformation programs out of the identified improvement areas that we defined in a series of workshops with the business units. In the design phase, the vision, objective, key activities, resources, timeline and the sub-projects were defined in a cross-unit workshop after which CCEA drove the effective kick-off, iterative planning, execution and change implementation of the programs in tight collaboration with the programs and their sub-projects. An essential part of the service was to coordinate the initiatives in order to understand the interdependencies and the impacts from the stakeholder point of view.

Customer Benefits

The most obvious benefits for the customer were 1) having an external driver to ensure that business renewal really started to take place, 2) dedicated support for the programs and sub-projects to keep the focus and to deliver the aimed outcomes, and 3) a helicopter view on the initiatives to ensure that they were coordinated and synchronized in an adequate manner.