Case City of Helsinki: Supporting leadership and team managers in an extensive change in the ways of working​


City of Helsinki aims for smooth and efficient operations, in which digitalisation plays a crucial role. City of Helsinki has widely adopted Microsoft 365 tools, but the practices and ways to use the tools vary. Major changes in ways of working and renewed work culture are required for the tools to be used fluently and extensively.


The essential objective is to build an effective functioning model and root the new ways of working in the everyday operations of a wide target group. One part of the model was to create an online course to ensure sufficient knowledge, abilities, and courage to adopt the new practices enabled by the tools. Moreover, the aim is to ensure that the top leaders will serve as key enablers of this extensive change.​

CCEA Delivery​

CCEA helped in creating the operating model to improve workflow and productivity. CCEA interviewed key individuals and facilitated discussions among top management to delve into improvement areas in the ways of working and to clarify management’s role in the change. CCEA produced an online course that will be utilised to support the managers in rooting renewed methods the tools enable into daily life. The course content was adjusted in workshops with a pilot group.​

Customer Benefits​

CCEA helped in generating high quality content for the online course in collaboration with the customer. The online course will enable cost-efficient capability development for a wide audience. Active involvement of executive groups promoted deeper understanding of the key challenges of the change from the perspective of the organisation’s different divisions.

”High-quality and flexible service, tailored to the changing conditions of the client”