Case Fortum: Changing the ways of working and culture in Communications


Fortum is a European energy company with activities in more than 40 countries. Fortum provides its customers with electricity, gas, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency.

Fortum’s Communications department aimed to further enhance its operations and had set a target level for that. To reach the target a comprehensive change implementation plan and program were needed.


Objective was to renew the ways of working and culture in a very participatory way. Improvement areas had been identified together with all the communicators, and the customer wanted to also create the change implementation plan together to make it as executable as possible. All in all, the whole change implementation program was based on agile co-creation and cooperation.

CCEA Delivery

During spring 2020, CCEA helped the customer to concretize the change and focus on the relevant change implementation activities. Change areas, their objectives and roadmaps were designed together. Additionally, a detailed change implementation plan for each change area was created and KPIs chosen to follow up the progress. Workshops and co-creation were the main work practices.

Implementation phase started in fall 2020 and focus of CCEA’s service shifted to support the customer in the practical change implementation activities. Actions were prioritized together, and necessary change implementation methods, concepts and materials were created. In addition to the practical support, CCEA was coaching the project manager and the whole project team in change implementation.

Cooperation between the customer and CCEA was carried out in two-week sprints, which brought necessary flexibility, but also ensured the work progressed – also in rapidly changing circumstances.

Customer Benefits

CCEA helped the customer to concretize and sharpen the needed change, which made it easier to implement in practice. The whole department learnt new ways to implement changes in an agile way; something that can be utilized also with new changes in future.

Change in the ways of working and culture is a long journey, taking years, but first signs started to be visible relatively quickly.